Slot machines

We can almost guarantee that if you talk about slot machines anywhere around the world, Novomatic Group‘s name will come across the conversation. After carefully analysing gamblers demands, as well as habits across the globe, Novomatic Group‘s experts have combined the machine quality with an unforgettable comfort and convenience of the slot machines, which are now seen as the flagship of both Novomatic Group and Casino Admiral as a consequence. Even the most selective gambler will find his fit among the collection of slot games, while uniquely designed jackpots at Casino Admiral shall give any gamblers the extra win they always seek of.  

Wild Night Jackpot – accumulates quickly across all Casino Admiral casinos and can be won by anyone playing in one of six casinos.

Flexi Link Jackpot – accumulates all the time and is won only on slot machines with special indications with one condition – everyone, even those playing near the winner snatch the prize.

Time Jackpot – can be won by anyone playing at Casino Admiral casinos during designated times.

Book of Ra
Lucky Lady Charm
Sizzling Hot